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Flame Mahogany
Welcome to our Flame Mahogany Gallery – here are some of the best featured Mahogany slabs you will ever have the opportunity to own, and if like myself you have a deep love for timber you will find that special piece to make a statement.
Yes! They are expensive. Not as expensive as diamonds; but cheaper than women.
Doug the Lumberjack

Flame Mahogany

'Flame' or 'crotch-cut' mahogany is cut at the junction where a branchjoins the main trunk of the tree, producing a flame-like figuring:
It is a cutting technique also used with other fine hardwoods, including walnut, and is extremely expensive, given the small number of major limbs on any trunk.
It is the pinnacle of quality in furniture construction and is highly-prized for its inherent beauty and elegance.

What’s in a name?

Here are a few other terms used to describe this feature:
crotch mahogany, figured mahogany, solid crotch mahogany, crotch mahogany slabs, solid flame mahogany, figured crotch mahogany.
50mm Slabs can be cut down or “Veneered” into thin layers by many quality custom furniture makers
Remember! - Being solid timber, our slabs may be repaired, altered or reinvigorated at any time during their life!
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