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We Have a Kiln
We offer kiln drying services for your added convenience! What used to take years now takes weeks or even days! This is the only ThermoVac kiln in the Northern Territory
Super Fast Vacuum Kiln

Recently we had the opportunity to purchase a ThermoVac timber kiln from overseas and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

ThermoVac technology allows us to dry timber products in incredibly short times, for example a 300mm thick X 850mm wide – 4000mm long slab can dry to furniture grade (8% MC) in as little as 3 days! The normal 1 year of seasoning for every inch thickness + 1 year! Does NOT apply to Vacuum Kilns as the water turns to gas inside the cell structure of the wood and is vacuumed from the chamber by a high intensity vacuum pump.

Our ThermoVac Kiln develops vacuum as low as 10 Torr can dry timber up-to 850mm wide and 4000mm long and 300mm thick.

Got a special project? Is it Urgent?
Pick your log from the log yard and cut to size. Run it through the Vacuum Kiln and 3 or 4 days later your set to go.
How Good Is That?
Kiln Rates & Availability

Dry Kiln services are available to NT Lumberjacks customers only. If it came off our sawmill, we'll dry it for you!

These services are available for only $2.50 per board foot.

Slabs are charged based on their widest point.

Kiln Drying 101

There is a lot of information out there about how to kiln dry timber and some of it is contradictory. Successful kiln drying is dependent on many, many factors. NT Lumberjacks are in a unique position of having to dry timber of varying species, cuts and sizes all at once. For that reason, we cannot follow any one recommended strategy. We employ best practices based on the various information that is available to us combined with our own experience with our specific circumstance. That said, our kiln drying practice will evolve as we make adjustments to ever improve our results.

If you would like to do your own research, here are some great starting points:

What Happens to Wood Inside the Dry Kiln?

Wood drying From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia