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Sawmilling timber from Darwin’s Urban Forrest
It’s Simple!
Woodchip your tree trunks and they rot into the ground in 6 months.
Turn your trees into timber!And they may still be in use in 50 years.
Whilst it is appropriate for some dead or undesirable trees to be used for mulch, some trees are just too good to burn or be left to decompose.

Do the right thing! . . . . Recycle!
A environmental initiative by our team at NT Lumberjacks has been to mill high quality tree trunks, turning logs into beautiful slabs of timber that can be used for making furniture, landscape features or cut further into hardwood Tongue & Groove flooring& Hardwood Decking.
Milled urban lumber is a significantly more environmentally friendly than mulch or woodchips since it can be crafted to provide a practical, permanent, and often sentimental additional use for the tree. By doing so the wood will hold its stored carbon much longer.
Our mobile sawmill service includes both a “Mobile Slabbing” service and a “Mobile Dimensional Sawmill” service. Discuss with our Sawyer your requirements wether you would like Plain Sawn / Rift Sawn or Quarter Sawn Lumber for you project and we will cut your logs for the best results.
Darwin’s front and back yards have a tremendous diversity of tree species, both Temperate Climate and Tropical Hardwoods which provides us with a unique opportunity to create some rare and sought after timber.The possibilities are endless when it comes to urban trees and milling timber is a great step in achieving the most effective use of urban tree waste.