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NT Lumberjacks is a specialist supplier of uniqueAustralian grown tropical hardwood timber and timber slabs.
Our business is the supply of magnificent hardwood timbers and timber slab piece's that can beautify any building, home or office.
We are dedicated to the salvage of trees (logs) that have been removed and not utilized to their best potential from Darwin’s Tropical Urban Forrest.

We utilize logs from arborists tree removal jobs, council tree removal for roads and other developments, dangerous trees removal and Cyclone clean ups where large logs have been left to rot away. We have found some truly beautiful timbers can be salvaged in this way, for us all to enjoy.

We are specialist's in sourcing and supply of Large African Mahogany, Mango, Black Wattle and other hardwood timbers from these salvage job sites....

We think of each log as a potential work of art to beautify your home, office or wherever you wish to use timber.

Being solid timber, our slabs may be repaired, altered or reinvigorated at any time during their life.

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